Glass Nail File For Use On Any & All Nails!

Regular, long-term use can strengthen and harden natural nails allowing you to grow long, healthy, beautiful nails!

They are easy to use, feel smooth & gentle on the nail, and provide quick results. Unlike emery boards and metal files, glass files file in both directions! Simply file the nail with a light touch, in any direction.

The fine grit, permanently etched abrasive surface allows precise filing. Expertly shape the nails for a professional 5-Star manicure.

Manicure Nail File For Improved Nail Health & Strength

Nails are made from keratin, a protein that’s also found in your hair. Typical metal files and emery boards can be harsh on natural nails, tearing, shredding & damaging the keratin layers. Whereas, ClassyLady Professional Crystal glass nails files seal the natural keratin layers together at the nail's edge, preventing nail splitting, chipping & peeling, ultimately leaving nails healthy & smooth with no jagged edges.

Kick your nail biting habit! Crystal Glass files build nail health & strength and keep your nails smooth and free from annoying snags, ultimately removing the temptation to bite your nails.

It’s never too late improve your nail health. Life is too short for average nails, you can achieve beautiful, healthy nails!